Pollution Prevention Information Center for EPA Region 8

About Peaks to Prairies

In cooperation with EPA Region 8 states (CO, MT ND, SD, UT and WY), Peaks to Prairies encourages adoption of pollution prevention (P2) practices by businesses, and works with technical assistance providers to promote P2 and environmental management. Peaks is operated by Montana State University Extension, and offers access to current P2 information and contacts, encourages collaboration and leveraging of resources between states and programs, and distributes quality P2 information through websites, listservs, and presentations. Peaks to Prairies is part of the P2RX™ national network of regional centers dedicated to improving the dissemination of pollution prevention information in the service provider community.

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EPA Sustainable Solutions Workshop 2015

Do you want to... SOLVE persistent challenges? EXPAND your solution space? CREATE long-lasting sustainable solutions? Using the Biomimicry Methodology and honoring Traditional Ecological Knowledge, participants will work in interdisciplinary teams of 4-6 people to research and solve their team’s challenge.

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Peaks to Prairies Pollution Prevention Information Center
EPA Region 8

Montana State University
Extension Housing & Environmental Health

Program Coordinator: Myla Kelly

(406) 994-3451